Scheduling:  Our schedule is based on 2 times per day, 6 days per week, which equates to 3 weeks and 2 days.   If you are flying we ask you to wait 24 hours after the last treatment to fly.  You can check our schedule here.   You will not be placed on our schedule until we have actually received your deposit.   You should also check with our office at 336-385-1775 for availability because we are often filled up for weeks ahead.  

Deposit:  A deposit of $500 is required to put you on the schedule and you must let us know with your deposit which schedule you wish to be placed on.   If you must change your schedule after it is booked, you must do so at least 60 days prior to reserved date.  Deposits are not refundable, however, if you must cancel, your deposit can be credited to a later date.   If you cancel or change your schedule less than 60 days prior, it will be credited to a later date ONLY if someone fills your position.  There will be a $100 administration fee for this change.

Housing:   Beginning in April, 2009, there is no charge for housing.  However, there will be a cleaning fee and a deposit for each client.   The deposit will be returned after inspection for any damage.   You should let us know at time of scheduling if you need a wheel chair ramp.  Each client will have 1 bedroom.  If this does not fill your needs, let us know.  We have some bedrooms which will have a double and a single bed.  We may also be able to provide a crib if needed.
In the case of men accompanying the child, we must know ahead of time and we do not allow co-habitation of men and women of different families.  We must plan ahead and sometimes have to make special arrangements.   In cases like these, if we must provide private housing, we will have to charge accordingly.   Our "No charge" housing is based on a single bedroom per client.

Miracle Flights:  In most cases, we can help you obtain airline tickets through Miracle Flights for Kids if you are too far away to drive.  Keep in mind however, you do need a car while here because we are in a rural area, no local taxi service, etc.   Many times you can share with someone and sometimes 2 families will share a rental, so if you can drive it will be best.   Miracle Flights normally require 45 days or more for scheduling.   We can provide you with contact information.

X-Rays:   While the subject of X-Rays is agreeably controversial, we do require X-rays of both the client and the caretaker. We agree that it is best to avoid x-rays if and when possible.  However, over the period of 5 years we have 5 examples which compel us to require them.  2 clients were turned down because an x-ray showed one of them could possibly have been put at risk under pressure and another had a condition which could have resulted in a pneumothorax while under pressure.  In 3 other examples, 2 clients discovered problems which needed addressing with further medical attention, non life-threatening, and another client discovered a medical problem which probably saved that clients life by x-ray detection.   For this reason we require an x-ray of both the client and the caretaker who will be accompanying the client inside the hyperbaric chamber.   If an x-ray has been done within the last six months and there have been no medical problems since that time which would change the x-ray outcome, then that x-ray report will be accepted.   We only need the report, not the actual x-rays.

Physician's Well-Check:   We require a well-check for client and caretaker (or anyone who will be inside the chamber with patient) and a signed form provided by us from the examining physician.  We provide a form for you to present to your physician explaining any risks or contraindications to hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  

Prescription:  A written prescription from a properly licensed medical practioner is required by law for the administration of oxygen via HBOT at our center.   The prescription should read simply, HBOT and is good for one year.  If they put 40 sessions on the Rx that is all we are allowed to provide.  

Clothing and Safety Procedures:  100% cotton.    A verbal questionaire regarding safety and health.   Ear check, blood pressure check, temperature.
Requirements and Procedures to attend the Miracle Mountain Center