Now, we save you even more money with our new rate schedule
(Notice: These rates can change at any time depending on circumstances that affect our costs of operation as a cooperative)  New Rates effective April 1, 2009
Introducing Our New FLAT RATE System
$2800 include HBOT, Oxy-Sound Harmonics (AIT), HOUSING, (Please note that we had a fire on July 6 and lost 3 of our housing units. The housing remaining is on a first come, first served basis.  There is local housing available for you to rent) 
Use of our Quadraciser Patterning Equipment, etc.   Everything* included for one low price for both children and adults.

Well, we have finally got a few more bills paid off at Miracle Mountain. As
most of you already know, profit is not a motivating factor at Miracle Mountain.
It was founded to provide hbot to those who need alternative funding.

We now offer a flat rate price regardless of age or ability to pay.  The Lowest Rates in North America with the experience of over 22,000 treatments to assure you of quality and safe treatments by Certified Hyperbaric Technologists.

And Now We include the Housing in the Price (If you desire the housing unit to yourself without sharing with another family, there will be an additional rental fee of $500.)

* A Refundable deposit is required for housing in case of damage and a cleaning fee of $65 per client is charged.  Also, if you do not have your own hood, you will need to purchase one.  We do have some hoods we can rent for $25 but there will still be a small charge for the neck ring, which must be fitted to the individual and can be reused for future sessions.

We are excited about being able to do this and hope we can continue. We will
do another cost study in 3 months and see if we can continue to keep these low

Thanks to everyone for their continued support of our efforts to provide affordable HBOT. With your help we have treated children from all over the USA and Canada as well as India, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Phillipines, Nicaragua, Israel, Puerto Rico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the Dominican Republic and other countries. Hopefully, there will be a day when insurance and Medicaid will pay.

Robert Hartsoe
Miracle Mountain in NC
Children's Hyperbaric Center
2010  Children's Hyperbaric TREATMENT Schedule

Please remember we cannot place you on the schedule until your $500.00 deposit And contract has been received.

May 2- May 25
June 6-June 29
July 11-August 3
August 15-Sept. 7
Sept. 19-October 12
Oct. 24- Nov. 16
Nov-Dec. to be announced

2010 Children's Hyperbaric TREATMENT Schedule
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Miracle Mountain Homepage CLICK HERE

SPECIAL NOTE:  Short Notice List.  If you have the ability to travel and take a space on short notice, you can be on our list to be called in case of a cancellation.  Sometimes a cancellation is received because of illness, etc.   In order to be eligible for this position, you will need to have all paperwork, exams, etc. completed.  It could be a 30 day notice or it could be 2 weeks.   To get on this list, call Alice at 336-385-1775

Introducing our New Program to make fundraising easier for you.  Go to our Fundraising page and find out how easy we have made it for anyone to raise the funds needed for HBOT.