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Miracle Mountain
located in the Beautiful Blue Ridge Mtns. of NC
Miracle Mountain
Children's Hyperbaric Cooperative, LLC
Operating as a Cooperative means you combine your buying power with others to keep costs to the lowest possible.  We use cost averaging to determine the price charged for our services. If our costs go up, our prices go up, if costs come down, so do our prices.   Since opening in April, 2000, we have managed to reduce our prices by over 35% and we have done over 20,000 safe treatments of HBOT.   Although prices may fluctuate, the price in effect at the time you reserve your space will remain in effect and you will avoid any price increases.  
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Introducing our new FLAT RATE SYSTEM, only $2800 includes up to 40 sessions of HBOT, Our Sound Harmonics Therapy (AIT), use of our Quadracizer and HOUSING.* See the notice on housing limitations.
Garrett was born with CP.  He is spastic quad with a G-tube.   In 1999, at the age of 2, his physician prescribed Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for Garrett.   However, it was very difficult to find a facility who would treat Garrett with HBOT but after much searching, a facility was found and Garrett recieved 38 sessions of HBOT.  He later recieved another 40 sessions.  The improvements were very impressive and Garrett's MD prescribed more treatments.  However, the costs were very prohibitive.  The parents had already done fundraisers and spent all their savings for HBOT for Garrett.  As a result, Robert and Judy Hartsoe, Garrett's Grandparents decided something had to be done and opened the Children's Hyperbaric Cooperative in North Carolina to provide affordable HBOT for other children like Garrett.   Since opening, MD's have prescribed over 21,000 treatments at Miracle Mountain for children and adults from all over the USA.   Miracle Mountain has become world famous and has treated children from as far away as the Philipines, Denmark, India and Israel, Nicaragua, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Russia, Dominican Republic, Denmark, Australia, Romania and other countries.
What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?  A good place to learn about HBOT is The HBOT Manual. CLICK HERE

Will HBOT help me or my child?   We make no claims as to the effectiveness of HBOT.  HBOT is an investigational therapy.  We are a Therapy center providing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as prescribed by your M.D.  You can read about other's experiences with HBOT at "The HBOT Manual".

HBOT VIDEOS courtesy of YouTUBE: (permission via Homestead through a special arrangement with YouTube)

Tami Powell & daughter     Curt Allen, car accident      Joe Beschen, Stroke

Fox 13,Tampa Bay, Stroke   Megan Hampton, Stroke            Stroke

        HBOT for Stephanie Martin, Parts 1, 2, and 3 shows progress.


Viktor of Sweden--Autism   Mathieux and Michel (cp)     Fox 29 News Report  

Educational videos on HBOT

What is HBOT?              Dr. James Biddle, HBOT    Hyperbaric Healing, UK

Dr. Philip James, The Oxygen paradigm:


Part 1                          Part 2                        Part 3

Part 4                          Part 5                        Part 6

Other Therapies provided at Miracle Mountain include "Oxy-Sound Harmonics" (AIT), and the use of our special "Patterning" equipment.

We provide clean and adequate housing facilities at Miracle Mountain, including linens, cooking utensils, tv, phone, etc. with wheelchair ramps, all conveniently located next to or within 5 miles of the center.  Housing is included in the price on a first come basis.
Housing is based on double occupancy and if you wish to have a unit to yourself without sharing with another family, there will be an additional charge of $500.

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The Miracle Mountain Railroad
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Fundraising, our new program
The HBOT Manual
Our Community and Ashe County
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Requirements and procedures to come to Miracle Mountain
Owners and Founders Robert and Judy Hartsoe & Grandson "Garrett"
Prices and Scheduling

Our Contact Info:
Phone: 336-385-1775  office
       336-385-1774  center
       336-385-1676  fax

Address:  667 Peak Road
           Creston, NC   28615

$2800 includes HOUSING
After 10 years and over 22,000 treatments, Miracle Mountain is now closed.  Robert and Judy have retired. Thanks to the many wonderful clients over the years, we will never forget you.  You have been a vital part of all our lives.     Our facilities may be for lease to a dedicated individual who would like to take up where we left off.  You can email Robert at if interested.