HBOT has helped to lessen the impact of some spinal-cord injuries and spinal-cord ischaemia in experimental animals, especially when the oxygen was given within two hours of a trauma-producing event. In one study carried out at the Department of Anaesthesiology at the Tohoku University School of Medicine in Japan, blood flow to the spinal cords of 18 laboratory rabbits was shut down for 15 minutes. One group of rabbits then received one hour of hyperbaric oxygen therapy at three atmospheres absolute 30 minutes after reperfusion of the spinal cord, another group received hyperbaric oxygen therapy six hours after reperfusion, and a third assemblage of rabbits was given no oxygen therapy. Neurological functions were then observed for 14 days (Critical Care Medicine, vol. 29(4), pp. 814-818, 2001).
As it turned out, rabbits given hyperbaric oxygen therapy within 30 minutes after the ischaemic insult were able to stand and move around without problems, while those whose oxygen was delayed by six hours and the animals without oxygen showed irreversible paraplegia. The density of spinal motor neurons in ventral grey matter in these latter animals decreased significantly, compared to the hyperbaric oxygen therapy rabbits.
HBOT for Other Indications
Chapter   of the HBOT Manual
Without Doubt, this will grow to be the largest chapter in this Manual
As we continue to discover new uses for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and as reports or indications are available, I will continue to add them to this page.  If you can help please Email Me

Once we begin to realize that every single cell in your body is dependant upon Oxygen for survival, it should be less difficult to understand just why HBOT will play such an important role in our lives and health.  The next problem is to convince the medical profession of such a simple fact.

If you realize that during HBOT new capillaries begin to develop and grow to support any injured areas of the body, including neurons of the brain, it is less difficult to understand why HBOT may very well be the number 1 medicine for the future.  Capillary growth will increase the blood flow to the injured area feeding it with nutrients and oxygen and it will also carry away the toxins which are lying there preventing the cells from recovering.   However, in all honesty, it is unlikely that will happen as long as the medical profession thrives on vast amounts of money provided by the taxpayers and insurance companies.  Wouldn't it be terrible if the hospitals were to lose half of their business because people were gettin well or, better yet (or should I say worse yet? depends on whose speaking), preventing illness through a hyperbaric maintenance plan. 

I believe there will be a day when hyperbaric chambers in homes will be as common as the automobile in the driveway, and less expensive in most cases.  The daily routine would be to take a shower and jump in the portable chamber for an hour while watching the news on TV and then sleeping like a log for a good nights rest.    Get up in the morning feeling rested with the immune system reinforced for all the germs you will come in contact with during a tough day at work.

I believe people will begin to realize just how wonderful HBOT can become in maintaining and improving the health of the entire family, not just those with brain injury, but everyone.   Who knows what ailments may be creeping up in the weeks or months ahead.  Usually, by the time we discover them the problem has escalated until it can be discovered by a doctor, AFTER the pain or discomfort has already started to take its toll on a tired body and a run down immune system.   It will become so popular because of the results everyone, yes everyone, is experiencing that it will become a family necessity.  Possibly more so than the annual physical.  

Ooops!!!!!    Here come the feds!!!!!!

Once it is realized how devastating financially to the medical profession, especially the pharmaceuticals, here comes the influence, the lobbying, the FDA, the AMA, the APA, the "everything", that "HBOT control" will become the big issue in politics.   You know, like gun control.   After a law was passed in a Georgia town that everyone must have a gun in their home, the crime rate dropped to zero.    Can you imagine a headline, "American town passes a law that every family must have a chamber (HBOT) in their home and within months, illness dropped to zero."   Later a follow up story would read "Residents of American town with HBOT chamber law live longer and look younger than any other town in America".    

Am I dreaming?    What do you think?    When "HBOT control" hits us, it will be much like gun control.   Those of us who have them will not part with them because they may be detrimental to protecting the health of our family as well as our rights.    HBOT control: Those of us who have them will not part with them because they may be detrimental to protecting the health of our family as well as our rights.    We will keep our guns secret.   We will keep our HBOT chambers secret.   

Robert Hartsoe    copyright, 2005