Raising Funds for HBOT at Miracle Mountain in NC

Recruit your friends and relatives to help you with this simple fundraiser.   Give them a card to show their friends.  When someone scratches off a spot it will reveal a small donation ranging from    50 cents to $3.00.  Many will scratch more than one spot.  50 spots on each card will bring in $100 for your childs HBOT at Miracle Mountain.  Take a look at the card below:
Fund Raising Headquarters

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Help ____________________________ go to Miracle Mountain for HBOT.    Scratch a spot for donation Amount of .50 to 3.00.   Scratch as many as you like.  
www.MiracleMountain.org for more info about HBOT
Recruit your friends and relatives, church members, etc. to show the cards to their friends for a small donation.  The amount is small and does not embarass anyone, also makes it very difficult to say no.  Many people will round off the smaller amounts to the highest dollar, many will give more, others will scratch more than one spot. 

On the back of the card is space to write each "scratch-off" donor name, email (or phone) and donation amount.   This will be used for a drawing for a mountain vacation as described below.  You will also have a record of emails in case you want to send out an update on the progress of your child.

How to get started:
Send in your deposit to reserve your space with Miracle Mountain by calling Alice at 336-385-1775 and we will send you 10 or more cards to begin free of charge.   Each time you send us a completed card with the funds to go towards your hbot we will send you replacement cards.

Deposit:  We require a deposit of $100 and we will send you up to 20 cards to get started.   Then more cards will be sent as you turn them in. You will not be put on the schedule until you have reached a total of $500 which will then be considered your $500 deposit according to our normal deposit requirements. 

We will also send you a master sheet which you can copy to take to a possible sponsor who will offer coupons to pass out to each person who scratches a spot.   You may find a restaurant who will give a free desert or "buy one, get one free" special or something similar as a thank you to the person donating and it will also be a business builder for the sponsor.    We are also working on a coupon page which can be used at several online pages for discounts, etc.

FREE VACATION IN THE BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS.   For each client using this fundraiser, we will have a drawing for a 3 night, 4 day stay at our Cabin on the New River complete with hot tub, river frontage, and free use of a canoe.  Vacation will have to be reserved according to availability and a refundable security deposit will be required with reservation.   There will be a $50 cleaning fee.   Transportation and meals not included.
Completion of 20 cards or more is required for a vacation to be awarded in honor of your child.  Only one vacation per child.  This will be a great reason for anyone to scratch a card and give a donation.   "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours".  Combined with coupons to give out as well as a very small donation amount makes this an easy fundraiser.   It also makes it easy for a friend or relative to help out as a favor.   Some of your helpers will probably need 3 or more cards.

Remember, each card will return $100 plus the "keep the change" and "let me make another donation" checks you will get.   A card is easy for anyone to help collect donations and they can take them to work, wherever they go, and collect donations to help your child.

Put a picture on each card.  You can use your computer printer to  print the pictures and double face tape to put it on the card so it can be used over on another card.    You can also use a larger picture on a poster to attract attention which gives you an excuse to explain the card fundraiser.

We are paying all costs involved to help make HBOT possible.  If you do a search on the web for "scratch card fundraiser" you will find most fundraising companies charge $20 per card and you make $80 profit, however, we are having the cards printed in large quantity wholesale and we are not charging for the cards at this time.   Please help us by using the cards up and not using partial cards.   All unused and partially used cards must be accounted for and turned in.   You will  be charged $10 per card for each card not turned back in, whether used or unused.   This is our way of controlling the usage and keeping our cost to a minimum.   Cards can only be used for funding of HBOT at Miracle Mountain.

Get started immediately by calling Alice at 336-385-1775 to order your cards.   Or send an email to hbot@skybest.com

If you have any suggestions or questions which may improve this program, please email me at rhartsoe@skybest.com
Robert Hartsoe

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